Human Dignity


I believe it’s time that we adopt a 21st Century Bill of Human Rights. One that respects the human dignity and decency of every person and community. My work as an organizer/activist emerges from a deep space of faith and commitment to the belief that not only are we capable of transforming the world, we are purposefully required to do the work. Since I was a youth, I’ve been actively involved in community transformation through one-on-one, communal, and institutional processes.

Human dignity is under attack. From dehumanizing immigration policies, threats to civil rights and racial justice, to demoralizing efforts to roll back gains in women’s reproductive justice and LGBTQ+ rights our humanity in civil society is at stake. I am committed to redressing the moral injuries that marginalized communities consistently face due to a lack of criminal justice reform, voter protection, immigration reform, income equality and protections against all forms of discrimination.